An Australian scientist's extraordinary knowledge of Indonesian foreign policy

According to the ABC, Australia's state-owned broadcasting corporation, a high profile Australian critic of nuclear power claims any push by the Australian government to develop a nuclear power industry will threaten neighbours and increase the risk of terrorism.

"I think it has huge potential for damaging relations with countries like Indonesia, who would see it as a direct threat," scientist and Australian Conservation Foundation president Prof Ian Lowe said. "I think our neighbours would inevitably be suspicious about what our real motivations were and that would make us less secure in the region."

A good example of Intelligent Idiocy.

Indonesia is opening tenders for the construction of a 1,000-megawatt nuclear power plant in 2007. Its minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, has announced the plant is expected to be on-line by 2015. Its capacity is designed to increase to 4,000-megawatt.

State-owned power companies from four countries - among them Japan, South Korea and France - have offered to provide technology to help construct the US$8 billion station on the Muria peninsula in central Java.

Indonesia currently operates three nuclear research reactors in the cities of Serpong, Banten and Yogyakarta.