NSW's senior trade and investment mission quietly arrives in Jakarta

A trade and investment mission from Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, has departed from Sydney to Jakarta. Lead by the state's Deputy Premier, Minister for Trade and Investment and National Party leader, Andrew Stoner, the five-day mission commences in Indonesia and continues to Singapore and Malaysia.

“While NSW enjoys good relationships with Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, I want to strengthen our ties with these important neighbours,” Mr Stoner said. “My message on this visit is that NSW is open and ready for international business and I will focus on promoting the strengths of our State’s agribusiness sector.”

Mr Andrew Stoner, NSW state Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment

The first leader of the current NSW Liberal National Coalition administration to visit Indonesia, Mr Stoner will meet with Indonesian government leaders including the Vice Minister of Trade, Dr Bayu Krisnamurthi and "senior business leaders" to "help identify potential new opportunities for NSW agribusiness exporters."

Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia were all identified as priority markets in the NSW International Engagement Strategy released earlier this year and Mr Stoner noted that Indonesia has "large and fast growing consumer markets" and is "experiencing a shift to modern grocery retailing and greater demand for processed and convenience foods."

The NSW strategy also recommended that the state open its first trade and investment office in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. A final decision on its implementation is expected by year's end.

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