Indonesian television and internet start broadcasting Window On Australia series

COINCIDING WITH the first official visit to Indonesia of new Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and a major Australian trade and investment delegation to the Australia Indonesia Business Week in Jakarta lead by Trade Minister Andrew Robb, a month-long television and on-line celebration of Australian stories and culture commences in Indonesia today with the launch of Window on Australia.

A collaboration between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s International Division, Media Nusantara Citra (MNC) and Indonesia’s leading online news site,, Window on Australia allows Indonesians to engage with and learn about Australia from a range of perspectives including agriculture, trade, education, Indigenous Australian culture, art and more.

Australian content will be aired daily across five TV channels, made possible by ABC International’s partnership with MNC, Indonesia’s largest media company. Australian news and stories will be featured in daily segments on MNC's news bulletins and in special features during the month.

Audiences can go online to explore Window on Australia articles, videos and conversations via, and via, produced by ABC International.

Australia's Ambassador to Indonesia, Paul Grigson, launches the 2015 Window On Australia series in Jakarta. The initiative runs from 9 November to 8 December

CEO of ABC International, Ms Lynley Marshall said: “Our Window on Australia event with Indonesia’s largest media companies will enhance knowledge and understanding between Australia and our nearest neighbour.

"With initiatives such as Window on Australia and our valued media partnerships, the Australia Plus platform is providing unique opportunities for Australian businesses to engage with South East Asia’s biggest and most dynamic country.”

President of MNC Group, Hary Tanoe said: “The objectives of our cooperation with ABC International is to educate and inspire our audience through Australian stories where our reporter experienced all aspects of Australian life first-hand, including business, arts, fashion, cuisine, transportation, education and agriculture.

“For the second year of Window on Australia, we have emphasised agriculture stories as we want to learn and improve sustainable agriculture and promote our national strategies in achieving food security.

“MNC is also proud to announce that one of our main programs was broadcast on ABC3 Australia as part of the reciprocal agreement with ABC. This demonstrates how the cooperation brings mutual benefit where our content also can be watched by audiences in Australia. Thus our media group plays a significant role in representing Indonesia in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in Australia.”

Editor in Chief of, Arifin Asydhad said: “Despite up and down Australia Indonesia relations, the syndication content from the ABC’s Australia Plus provides insight into daily life in Australia. The positive and inspiring stories of Australia Plus Indonesia is in line with our mission in providing our latest innovation, D New Generation, with positive, inspiring and deliver solutions particularly in strengthening Australia Indonesia relations.”

The 2015 initiative will run from Monday 9 November until Tuesday 8 December.