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Inside Indonesia is an Australian-based quarterly magazine edited by volunteer academics for general readers on Indonesia's culture, politics, economy and environment. Founded in 1983, its primary mission is to "encourage greater international understanding of Indonesia and Indonesians, in particular amongst Australians". Articles online at

Indonesia Journal of Business Administration is an Indonesian-based, English-language journal “that bridges the gap between business research and practice”. It is published three times a year by the Institute of Technology Bandung. Apart from the current issue, free online access is available to most articles at Archives.

Internetworking Indonesia Journal is a USA-based, English-language,  peer reviewed journal devoted to the” timely study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet development” in the Indonesian context.  It is published in two volumes annually (Series A: Community Informatics & Society and Series B: Computing, Communications, Engineering & Internet Technologies) and free online access is available to all articles at

Indonesia is a USA-based, English-language journal devoted to the “timely study of Indonesia's culture, history, government, economy, and society”.   It has been published semi-annually since April 1966 by Cornell University's Southeast Asia Program.  Free online access is available to all Indonesia articles and reviews published more than five years ago at All Volumes.


Q & A in Jakarta:  "More Than Beef, Boats & Bali"

In June 2013 in Jakarta, a live studio audience experienced the first off-shore production of Australia's ABC-TV's popular 'Q &A' program. The panel featured Dewi Fortuna Anwar, senior advisor to Indonesian Vice President Boediono; Tim Lindsey, Professor of Asian Law and founding Director of the Centre for Islamic Law and Society at the University of Melbourne; Yuli Ismartono, Deputy Chief Editor of the English edition of Tempo, Indonesia's largest news weekly magazine; Rafendi Djamin,  Executive Director of the Human Rights Working Group, a coalition of Indonesian NGOs; and Yenny Wahid, an Islamic activist and Director of Wahid Institute, an organisation that promotes religious tolerance.

Watch the full program online:


Refugees and Rebels: Indonesian Exiles in Wartime Australia

By Jan Lingard
Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing
Paperback: 312 pages

In accounts of wartime Australia the influx of over 5,000 Indonesian men women and children has been largely overlooked. These people were military personnel, merchant sailors, civilians and even political prisoners of the Dutch, all evacuees from the Japanese occupied Netherlands East Indies.

They arrived as subjects of the Dutch colonial empire, and the majority of them left after the war as rebels – supporting the fledgling Indonesian republic which Soekarno had proclaimed when the Japanese surrendered.

This book tells the fascinating story of the Indonesians’ engagement with White Australia as they were dispersed to cities and country towns and of the repercussions when their struggle for independence was supported at grassroots level by their Australian friends, by unionists, particularly the Waterside Workers Federation and Seamens Union and eventually by the Chifley Labor Government itself.