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Australia Indonesia Business Council Conference:
Theme to be confirmed
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia: Date to be confirmed 2022
Organised by the Australia Indonesia Business Council.

The Australia Indonesia Australia Business Council is hosting its biennial Business Conference after two-years of Covid-19 suspension. The location will be in Darwin, Northern Territory in 2022 with all other details pending.

Past edition:

Indonesia Australia Business Council Conference:
CONFERENCE 4.0 - The conference about our future – are we ‘smart’ enough?
Bali, Indonesia: 3-5 November 2019
Organised by the Indonesia Australia Business Council.

The Indonesia Australia Business Council is again hosting its biennial Business Conference in beautiful Bali. And this is our 30th year – a special conference in a special year

The face of business is changing fast. The local branch of our bank used to be a focal point. Now you are lucky to find someone in the branch if you can find the branch. We don’t pretend we are brainier than Luca Pacioli, friend of Leonardo da Vinci, who codified double entry bookkeeping for the world in 1494 (not forgetting that the Koreans had their own similar system at the time). But now we have to adapt to faster-moving change and learn new ‘codes’. That is what being ‘smart’ means. We will look at what this means for some selected business activities.

After a Sunday evening opening, over the next two days the conference will look at political and economic trends, hear from businesses dealing with these trends, and hear from government leaders vitally interested in trade and investment issues.

We will consider how the IA-CEPA can help us grow and grow smarter, whatever our business.

Inquiries may be made via or by contacting IABC Secretariat on +62 21 521-1540 or, or Conference Convenor Ambassador Hamzah Thayeb on or Conference Chairman Peter Fanning on +62 811 862-094.