Six Australia-Indonesia arts and cultural projects receive new AICC funding

The Australian federal government’s Australia International Cultural Council (AICC) has announced the latest slate of successful applicants for its arts and cultural Grants Program. The approved projects for Indonesia are:

Gertrude Contemporary’s collaboration with local artists across three cities in Indonesia. The project will emphasise cross-disciplinary visual arts practices and community involvement ($30,000);

Polyglot Theatre’s Draw Bridge project including workshops with Indonesian school children and Indonesian and Australian artists, culminating in a giant walk-through comic book installation in both Indonesia and Federation Square, Melbourne ($40,000);

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art’s Vertical Villages project involving residencies in Sydney and Jakarta to facilitate community workshops and inform exhibitions in both cities ($35,000);

Women of Letters’ collaboration with the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, to present events in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Ubud featuring leading Australian and Indonesian writers sharing their stories through the art of letter writing ($30,000);

Kristi Monfries’  Instrument Builders Project (with Asialink Arts), a cross-cultural artistic collaboration between Australian and Indonesian artists and musical instrument builders ($20,000); and

Snuff Puppets’ Peruvian tour of its Wedhus Gembel, a cross-cultural collaborative show developed in Indonesia.  The tour will include artist workshops and street performances ($30,000).

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